Corporate Tax

A Corporate Tax Idea That Fixes Lots Of Problems

Here is one thing Congress could do that would create more jobs, boost the economy and reduce both the budget deficit and the trade deficit. It would provide a big boost now, and an ongoing boost from now on.

Paul Krugman Pwns Carly Fiorina On Corporate Tax Rates

On Sunday's "This Week," Carly Fiorina feebly trotted out an old GOP canard: that the "highest corporate tax rate in the world" is to blame for our stubbornly-high unemployment. In fact, the effective tax US corporations pay is much lower than most

There's No Mystery About Romney's Taxes And Tax Plan

Why is Mitt Romney alone among the Republican presidential candidates in refusing to release his tax returns? And why is the former Massachusetts Governor also the only major GOP contender not calling for the complete elimination of the capital